Cataract surgery is an excellent chance to get rid of dependence on glasses.
Cataract removal
Cataract is a disease that affects ophthalmic lens. It is usually due to the aging process. Other known causes of cataract include diabetes, injury, or corticosteroids treatment. The term cataract has been known for a long time. Already in ancient Egypt and Greece, a cloudy lens resembled a waterfall (cataract originates from a Greek word “katarrhaktes”, which is derived from the original word katarassein, which means "falling down"). Through these pathological structures rays cannot reach a retina, which reduces visual sharpness and makes vision blurred even when using glasses. Even today, the only treatment option is a surgery, which replaces the clouded lens with an artificial lens.
During the standard cataract surgery, the human lens is replaced with an artificial intraocular lens that enables quality vision only at one dimension, usually from a distance. During cataract surgery by PRELEX method, premium multifocal intraocular lenses are implanted in both eyes, which enable high quality vision to both close and distant objects and, thus, you will get rid of the use of spectacle correction.
The principle of the surgery is to exchange your own lens, which has already lost its ability to focus, for multifocal artificial intraocular lens. With this intraocular lens you are able to focus again to distance and close objects and get rid of a constant search for the right glasses. Surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia by drops.


  • Intro-eye lens AcrySof® ReSTOR®
  • Intro-eye lens LENTIS® Mplus
  • Intro-eye lens Zeiss
Femtosecond laser LenSx®
Completely new, cutting edge surgical technology Femtofako by means of LenSx® device from Alcon company significantly reduces risk factors of cataract surgery techniques. The principle is to perform the surgery without the use of sharp instruments such as scalpel, needles, or knife. Using the femtosecond laser ray pulses, small bubbles are created in the tissue, which separate it. This enables a very gentle eye opening by creating precise surgical entering of a cornea, precise opening of a lens capsule (capsulotomy), thorough and gentle distribution of lenses necessary for its easy removal by suction (lens fragmentation), and simultaneously it is possible to correct cylinder diopter in cornea (astigmatism). For patients with high dioptric defect or patients with a retinal disease it has a major impact on the post-surgery healing - reduces the risk of retina swelling. The entire procedure led by laser takes only a few seconds.

It is clearly less burdensome procedure for the patient's eye in comparison with conventional ultrasound method.
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