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I would like to thank a chief doctor of the Department of Ophthalmology, MUDr. A. Farkas, who performed femtolaser cataract surgery to my mother. Shortly after the surgery she is very happy to be able to see again well and without any problems. I thank the staff for their openness and pleasant atmosphere prior to the surgery.
Romana Parmová, 9. 8. 2016, Kadaň


In March 2016, I underwent refractive laser surgery on both eyes in the Hospital in Sokolov, which falls under the management of the company NEMOS. I found out about this option on the Internet. I contacted the Department of Ophthalmology by phone and then things got into a full swing. I underwent an initial examination, which was covered by health insurance and in about 14 days I laid in a surgery room. The entire hospital staff treated me very nicely and professionally. After consulting with doctor Mendrek I chose the PRK method. I would also like to mention an excellent coordination by an engineer, Mrs. Součková, who, among other things, arranged my transportation for the purposes of the surgery and then back home, all within the price, which was very reasonable, by the way. I would also like to thank chief doctor Farkas, who led the entire surgery. The first few days after surgery, I felt pain; however, I forgot about it very quickly and after almost a week my vision is 100% fit.
Petr Sklenář, 6. dubna 2016, Kynšperk nad Ohří


On 21 January 2015 a friend undertook a laser eye surgery at your clinic; we travelled from Slovakia and it certainly paid off! Professional and nice doctors and the entire staff, neat hospital, excellent price! We would like to thank a chief doctor of the Department of Ophtalmology, MUDr. Andrej Farkas, who performed the surgery for his professional care and wish you many happy patients :-)
Lucia Hrnčářová, 2. 2. 2015, Slovensko


I would like to thank chief doctor MUDr. Farkas and MUDr. Mendrek very much for performing a laser eye surgery and the whole department that took care of me so well during the whole treatment, of which I was initially very scared, but in retrospect I must say that the surgery itself is not that painful. After three days I noticed the first signs of improvement and, since then, my vision has been only getting better. After all, eyes are the most precious thing we have. I wish you many more satisfied patients.
Lucie Koubková, 27. února 2015, Sokolov


I would like to thank you for performing the laser eye surgery. I am very satisfied and recommend it to all.
Simona Šístková, 6. 4. 2015, Kynšperk nad Ohří


At the beginning of June, I went for an eye examination and surgery at your clinic. I was pleasantly surprised already during making an appointment for an examination how pleasant the nurse was, who processed everything with me and made an examination appointment. As everyone else I am afraid of surgeries, but this warm welcome of everyone at the clinic reassured me and I am glad I chose this hospital. Once again a big thank you to a chief doctor and his great team.
I am very satisfied with the result and do not need glasses anymore. I am a little sorry for all the folks who would need this surgery and cannot afford it. Thank you and have a lot of satisfied patients.
Jaroslava Volková, 15. 9. 2015, Ústí nad Labem


When one of your former satisfied customers told me about you, he spoke so idyllically that I thought 30% of information must be fictional. Since the first examination I have come to realize that he was telling the truth. Environment and friendliness of the people is a bit suspicious for current times and encourages one to search for a mistake somewhere. There was nothing, professionalism, friendliness; personal contact of a manager gives one a proper dose of confidence and sense of security. Today, I would like to say that it was not so much about the surgery; rather it was an experience, from which one can bring more that just a completely different outlook on life. I am also proud of all the people with whom I came into contact, especially, Mr. MUDr. Farkas and his surgical team, very nice nurse in front of a surgery room and, last but not least, madam manager for information and helpfulness. There is a saying that a satisfied customer (client) is the best advertisement, in that case I will can advertise very loudly. Thank you for the experience from 7 October 2015.
Martin Kalkuš, 9. 10. 2015, Sokolov


I would like to thank you for all the current progress of the agreed surgeries. According to the doctors, everything has been evolving very well during check-ups. Now we go to regular check-ups and after some time (about six weeks) new glasses will be prescribed. I have to admit I was a little surprised by above-standard attitude of the staff during both surgeries. I compare it with other patients who underwent treatment on the same days.
I noted earlier that my son was always treated with more care in the hospital. Maybe it is just my imagination, but since childhood this approach has seemed a bit different than that to others. During those surgeries, it was slightly more apparent.
Once again, thank you for everything.
Miroslav Holeček, 3. 11. 2015, Habartov
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